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Solo performances


"The Rolling Waves" - a jig with a title that fits the tune.


"Joy to the World" in the lobby following a VocalEssence performance

Jamming on the dulcimer accompaniment to Malcolm Dalglish's "Lay Me Low"


Tom Anderson's "Da Slockit Light" performed on the Anglo concertina

"Branching Out" - an original handpan piece

Greenwood Tree


St. Anne's Reel performed by Greenwood Tree at Stu's retirement concert from 3M.


Handel's Alla Hornpipe performed by Greenwood Tree at the Hilde Small Stage in Plymouth, MN.

Garry Owen performed by Greenwood Tree at the Loring Park Art Festival - video by Karen Smudski.

Eisner's Klezmorim


Hora Bucavina / Skotsne / Pensie Nemer Waltz performed by Eisner's Klezmorim at Stu's retirement concert from 3M.


Khosn Kale Mazltov performed by Eisner's Klezmorim. Video by Karen Smudski

Neptune's Keep


"The Lightkeeper's Daughter" - music, lyrics, and video editing by Diane Laura Rains. Recorded at Wild Sound Studios

Choral accompaniment


Malcolm Dalglish's "Sail Away" performed by the Roseville (MN) High School Bel Canto choir (in robes) and alumni (in street clothing)


Audio recording of Malcolm Dalglish's "Star in the East" medley with St. Paul (MN) United Church of Christ choir